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Each month we host a series of inspiring events open to our local community (and they're free!).

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Talk: "Access to Capital"

The first in a new talk series will address matters around raising funding in London's highly competitive food and drink industry.

Kissing frogs and raising capital can at first glance, have much in common. Cold leads, warm leads and leads with no tangible outcome are known for being part and parcel of raising seed capital. But with the right connections and addressing the right issues, each and every stakeholder can be satisfied. Join Adam Hyman (CODE), Chris Miller (White Rabbit Fund) & Olivia Sibony (Grub Club) to discuss the discipline and aptitude required to ensure timely, favourable terms from intelligent capital.

When: 6:30pm on Monday July 17th

Where: Club Zetter

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Think: "The Truth About Anxiety"

It's hard to imagine a life without anxiety, even if that's not what you happen to call it. A big presentation, board meeting or base jumping are just some of the moments you might prefer to avoid. But perhaps with a different mindset, these matters might make your palms sweat a little less, or not at all. Join One Thought's Aaron Turner as he uncovers the often overlooked and optional nature of stress and anxiety, so you can get on with even the most auspicious of moments.

When: 6:30pm on Tuesday July 11th

Where: The Zetter Townhouse, Clerkenwell

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Talk: “The Power of Digital Diversity”

As WIRED magazine recently stated, “Evidence strongly suggests that a racially diverse tech sector could translate into stronger financial performance”.

Join us for a discussion with mobile tech savant Tamara Sword (TRM&C) and futurist James Wallman (The Future is Here) about how a historic lack of diversity has shaped the technology landscape. Together we'll explore how diverse thinking and diverse teams can lead to better product design and just what we can expect to see change in the coming years.

When: 6:30pm on Monday July 3rd

Where: Club Zetter

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Talk: Time & Place

'Arts & the Neighbourhood'

The third talk in the 'Time & Place' series seeks to address the connection between people and place, exploring what modern culture and cultural spaces contribute towards 'public value'. Moderated by Nick Compton, Senior Contributing Editor at Wallpaper* & Contributor for WIRED, we'll ask Harry Handelsman and Steve Lazarides about the role of art in the neighbourhood and we'll look behind the scenes of these developments and ask just what draws the more enlightened developer to particular neighbourhoods.

Join us at Club Zetter from 6:30pm, Monday June 12th for a fast paced, open forum discussion. Book Now.

Move: Workout with Steve Agyei

A combination of yoga, meditation and bodyweight training.

Steve is a highly qualified personal trainer, experienced yogi, choreographer, UEFA soccer coach, motivational speaker and writer who shares his tips on how to go about creating your own wellness workout.

The best start to the day improving mental, emotional and physical well-being!

Our next event with Steve Agyei will take place in The Games Room at The Zetter Townhouse in Clerkenwell at 8am on Thursday 29th June.

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Think: “Well that’s the way we’ve always done it”

Join Aaron Turner in conversation as we discuss how some individuals who favour habit, can often overlook an alternative way of solving a challenge. "That's the way we've always done it", is a statement that implies security, but doesn't address a potentially better way of doing things. We'll explore the role of state of mind in balancing innovation, stability and habit. We'll also find out how other states can undermine productivity without us even knowing it.

Join us in The Dining Room, The Zetter Townhouse Clerkenwell at 6:30pm, Tuesday 6th June. Book Now.

Talk: Come Together

Trends might come and go, but the timeless disciplines behind throwing a party will always be paramount.

We're joined by co-author of cookbook, Feeding Friends, Terry Edwards and About Time Magazine, Editor-in-Chief Angelica Malin for an in conversation talk where they tell us just how it's done. Talking food, trends and faux-pas - what dining out truly means today, the rise of pop-up culture and why food is more influenced by art, music, fashion and film than ever before.

Join us at Club Zetter from 6:30pm, Monday 27th March for a fast paced, open forum discussion.

Places are strictly limited. Book Now.

Talk: Time & Place

"Design for Life"

An in-depth conversation with Boxpark's Development Director Matthew Mcmillan, Project Orange director James Soane and The Modern House's Founding Director Albert Hill, moderated by David Michon. The Time & Place series unearths the latest trends and happenings in neighbourhood culture. In this session we'll be discussing developments that have successfully inspired and mobilised communities while shaping modern day culture.

This talk will take place on February 28th from 6:30pm at Club Zetter.

Club Zetter, The Zetter Hotel

Wonder: All Autonomy

Heard about autonomous cars?

Well we're heading into a future where all people and all things will become autonomous too. As we start to 'outsource' everyday tasks and decision-making, what impact will this have on people, our environment, culture and brand connectivity? UCL, London's global university and DH READY, a cross-discipline creative company will discuss with experts over an informal conversation.

This talk will take place at Club Zetter on Monday 27 Novemberfrom 6.30pm.

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Talk: Creative Currency

Making more with what you own

This is the last in a 4-part series of not-to-be-missed talks for the creative industries.

We will be discussing "45 Ways to Make Money and Counting"

The discussion will be moderated by Nicola Hartley, business affairs expert for the creative content industries and Erica Wolfe-Murray, innovator with IP from Lola Media. This talk will take place on Tuesday 29 November from 6.30pm.

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Talk: The Main Cause

A globally connected world means that food and drink have become a powerful vehicles to drive awareness and raise funds

We ask the folks leading this about their inspiration, greatest successes and what's next? On the panel; Olivia Sibony of Grub Club & Conflict Cafe, Serena Guen, Suitcase Magazine & Cook for Syria as well as Emma Cullingford from Action Against Hunger.

Moderated by food and drink journalist and editor, Claudia Canavan.

Tuesday November 15th from 6.30pm.

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Talk: The Art of Place-making

What drives a new neighbourhood?

Vibrant & energetic neighbourhoods are springing up across the globe, from Hackney to Williamsburg, but just what is driving this? Who are the folks crafting tomorrow's built environment & how are they doing it?

We'll be joined by leading experts in an open format discussion on Monday 24 October from 6.30pm.

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Talk: Eat The Rich

Is fine dining culture starting to influence pop-up culture?

The inimitable Julia Pearson, founder of London On The Inside, hosted a lively discussion with some the UK's best food innovators, Petra Barran of Kerb Food, Tim from Le Bun and Dan Calladine the founder of influential site London Pop Ups.

The event took place on Tuesday 30 August.

Talk: Remote Year

Travel the world while working remotely

Remote Year is a company that help digital nomads to travel the world while working remotely. They also happen to happen to be Central Working members.

Remote Year gave their first talk about their work at Club Zetter on Tuesday 19 July & their second talk took place on Tuesday 16 August.

Click here to find out more about Remote Year.

Talk: Eska Mtungwazi in conversation with Miranda Sawyer

"Power means nothing without control"

We hosted a Q&A discussion and live performance with UK singer-songwriter and Mercury Nominated artist Eska Mtungwazi on Monday 18 July.

Eska shared her journey, discussed why she believes power means nothing without control and performed tracks from her new album. The evening was hosted by journalist & broadcaster, Miranda Sawyer.

Click here to see some pictures from the night.

Talk: Cross-Discipline Duos

Disrupting traditional creative duos to solve brand challenges

On 10 March Club Zetter hosted Agency 2030 in conversation with Patrick Collister, Head of Design for Google (pictured middle) and Prof. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Director of I-O & Business Psychology (pictured left). They discussed replacing the traditional model of art director and copywriter to solve modern brand challenges.

They talked about how we will find these 'dynamic duos', how we will connect these disparate individuals together, whose role will it be to do this, and the impact it will have on their creative output.

Click here to watch a short video from the evening.

Talk: Food Tech Wednesdays

Meetup for food tech startups in London

Food Tech Wednesdays was set up by leading food tech industry specialists, Nadia El Hadery & Victoria Albrecht. Each month they host meetups for food tech start ups with the aim to exchange knowledge between, and inspire their members.

On 18 May Club Zetter hosted Food Tech Wednesdays with guest speaker Noel Hunwick, co-founder & Marketing Director of Inamo Restaurants (pictured). Noel spoke about his 10 years of experience in setting up one of the most interactive and technologically advanced restaurants in the world.

Click here to find out more about inamo restaurants.

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