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Atrium Artists

This month in The Atrium, we present:

Penny Stanway

Fascination with shapes and colours inspires the surreal landscapes of Penny’s Other Worlds paintings. Their symbolism resonates with images, situations and emotions from the past, highlights the wonders of today, and hints at lives lived on other planes and in other times.

The scenes echo the footsteps of unseen people and suggest mystery, and change to the world order. They are familiar yet strange, known yet unknown, intimate yet alien.

The works compel attention and touch deep and secret parts of the heart and mind. The uniquely-patterned trees and birds are odd, yet attractive. The dark shadows are formed by the light from celestial bodies that resonate with the recent discoveries of Earth-like moons in our solar system and Earth-like ‘exo-planets’ beyond.

Charlotte Smith

Charlotte's scrap metal series is about the position between unwanted goods next to the clear perfect glass - how the scrap metal and glass combined works together, forming a new sculpture.

The work creates links to the idea of up-cycling taking the unwanted objects and creating them into a new desirable sculptural piece. The work shows the idea of function, using the old functional object.

Through all the work Charlotte creates the main concept is of restriction. The glass is blown onto the metal meaning the glass will only fit back into the metal in one way making each piece unique. Charlotte enjoys the contrast of her work with the solid foundation of the scrap metal object fitting together with the feminine curves of the glass.

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