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A regular programme of artists & their work on show in our atrium

Josh Schoeman

This collection is an expression of the potential and beauty of sustainability.Josh derives inspiration from artefacts of human construction and from his investigation into the industrial impact on the coastal environment.

Here he presents ceramic vessels crafted from recycled metallic detritus. Surface pattern and texture play a central role within the narrative of his ceramics - he uses corroded and degraded objects collected from coastal cleaning to texture the flesh of clay. Aiming to express the material qualities present within vernacular clays, and use glazes which are developed from recycled ocean iron, tin and chalk collected from the coast. This collection is an expression of the potential and beauty of sustainability. @schoemanceramics

Boaz Torfstein

Drawing In Light is Boaz Torfstein’s first attempt to draw using light reflections and shadows to accompany an array of printed and drawn Brass plates. Each piece stands on its own, yet reflects the others.

As new media/technology increasingly fills our world, Boaz is drawn to the simple act of looking and its meaning, and how that might change through the filter of a technological aid.

Looking at the age of easily accessible, highly efficient technology is no longer merely an action of the eyes, it now relates directly to the palimpsest of imagery that surrounds us at any given moment. @Illustrated_By_Boaz

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