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Eco-conscious hoteliers, The Zetter Group have used energy-saving technology and eco-friendly materials wherever possible. This approach also includes water pumped from the hotel's own 1500-foot bore-hole beneath the building which helps make the building self sustaining (flushing loos and cooling the building).

Sustainable Zetter

Sustainability and environmental awareness were at the heart of the decision-making process when building The Zetter. As a result, it has been designed to be an energy efficient hotel, using sustainably sourced and environmentally sensitive building materials and controlled by an intelligent building management system. We also have a Green Team who meet once a month to make sure that we maintain standards, implement new initiatives.

Some of our eco friendly features and practices include:

  • Our own borehole beneath the building: we also use it to flush loos and cool both our fridges and your bedrooms.
  • An energy loop system: a bit technical, but basically it means we swap energy around - so as you heat your room, it helps us cool our fridges.
  • Natural light and passive ventilation: this is provided by The Zetter's central atrium and automated skylight.
  • Occupancy detection systems in the bedrooms: so that when you aren't there, minimal energy is burned.
  • Also, when a bedroom window is opened the air conditioning has been designed to cut out - just like that!
  • All the timber used in the building's construction was bought from sustainable sources, and all the paints used in our interiors are environmentally-friendly.
  • We recycle all glass and paper used by the hotel and its guests.
  • We have bicycles for our guests to hire as well as recommended routes to follow on foot or by bike.
  • Our bath and shower products have been chosen for its environmentally friendly packaging and the formulations, which contain no parabens, phthalates, petrol-derived ingredients, mineral oil, urea, DEA, TEA or propylene glycol.
  • SWAP Housekeeping for Cocktails: We now offer our guests (staying 2 nights or more) the opportunity to help us reduce our consumption (of power, water and cleaning chemicals) by forgoing housekeeping. If guests choose to do so we reward them with £10 to spend on food and drink, for each day they choose to forgo.
  • Pedal Power: We have now switched most of our deliveries to PedalMe (a cycle courier of goods and people) instead of taxis. (Faster, cleaner, good for physical and mental well-being)
  • Suppliers packaging: We now insist that our food deliveries take all their packaging away with them or use fully recyclable packaging. If a supplier is using too much packaging, push them to do better or take packaging away with them.
  • Supporting local: Wherever possible, we use or work with local or British brands. Everything in our rooms from blankets (Witney, Wallace Sewell) to toiletries (REN) are locally produced. Our kitchens also focus heavily on British or better still, local produce
  • State of Mind: As employers we see one of our key roles as making sure our people are happy and helping them maintain a great state of mind. If we create an environment in which our team feel content and free of stress, everything else slots into place; that's when the magic happens.
  • Never stop: Don't rest on your laurels. Keep questioning can we do better? We thought we were pretty plastic free but have recently re-audited and found there are a few products we use/buy that could be replaced with a better alternative. i.e. Coasters

The Zetter is also a founder member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association which supports restaurants in their quest to purchase from sustainable and local suppliers as well as advising on waste reduction, energy efficiency and fair trade suppliers.

We are always open to new suggestions so if there is something that you think we should be doing please do let us know by emailing [email protected] or filling in one of our comment cards.

Sustainability Policy

The Zetter believes that the health and happiness of future generations is dependent on us committing to sustainable ways of living and working. We recognize that it is our responsibility to reduce our negative impact upon the environment and raise the awareness of our staff and guests so that they can help us achieve our goals for sustainability. The Zetter is committed to integrating leading environmental practices in to our business and to continually exploring new ideas for improving our environmental performance.

We are focusing on practices aimed at:

  • Energy Management - To reduce our consumption of energy year on year (and we've made a 20% saving in the last year!)
  • Waste Management - To reduce the overall volume of waste as well as maximize recycled proportion.
  • Supplier Management - To work with suppliers that share our sustainability commitment.
  • Staff - To raise environmental awareness and make sustainability part of our staff culture.
  • Guests - To raise awareness and actively promote and encourage green tourism initiatives.

We recognize that we are still in the early stages of implementing the changes that will be necessary to achieve our long term goal of a sustainable future. It is however our ambition to become an example of environmental best practice within the London Hotel industry and wherever possible make initiatives as fun as possible!

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